Thursday, 14 February 2013


在这个农历新年的假期,我是打算想温习功课~ 考试来领嘛!
结果还是在电脑面前上面子书 =o="

今年没有去到很多家拜年。只是去到近邻和亲戚家拜年…… 因此受到的红包特别少。。。 -.-
可是食物吃到一样多。 O(∩_∩)O ♥ 


Wednesday, 30 January 2013




Saturday, 19 January 2013

New class in another school.

I am so grateful and felt very happy to be placed in a class with a crowd of friendly pupils. Except for some which is I think kinda shy. -.-

And unlike my class in past year where I am at sixth grader, I quickly made many new friends...

And the teachers are, 50/50 nice and friendly. Some of the teachers are nasty, I couldn't even ask them anything. They'd say you not paying attention for what they said. It's just that I don't understand what they're clattering about. But, yeah, it's just the down of life. :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My first stitch- Single crochet stitch

New hobby! ::crochets::

Sorry for not updating in such long period. I am kinda busy with my new hobby-Crochet. 
  While cleaning up my messy room, I found a crocheting thread ball and a crochet hook, which is belong to my mom. This made me recall of the movement my mom does when she is crocheting, I then decided to ask her to teach me crocheting. She agreed happily!
  Too bad the method my mom used to teach me is somewhat hard for me, so I looked for help in the net. I found many tutorial of the crochets.
 So far, I am still in learning the single crochet (-.-)... 

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Claire's Dream

It's Claire's dream to be an artist. But she is too poor to afford any canvas and painting kit. She only have chance to draw with pencil on piece of paper. She loves going to the art museum to embrace each drawing drew by her favorite artist, Felle Morchial. Claire only worked as a receptionist of a hotel to raise her poor family.

One day, Felle Morchial was invited for an art exhibition in the hotel Claire worked. Claire was drawing a sky view when Felle Morchial arrived in that hotel. When Felle called Claire for help, Claire was shocked and the drawing accidentally fell to the ground. Felle was impressed with the drawing Claire made.

In the night on the exhibition, lots of Felle's collection of her drawing is displayed. It's the highlight of the exhibition, Felle gave some speech and, she also introduced the drawing Claire made. Although it is only sized A4, lot of people bidded to buy the drawing. The won price is as high as she could buy a new set of drawing including the canvas and new life of her family and her. Claire is very happy, she decided to share the half with Felle, but Felle refused and says that the funds deserved to be Claire's.

Felle is amazed with Claire's talents, she taught Claire drawing. Soon, Claire became famous artist. She is very grateful to meet such kind person like Felle.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

第一华语的贴子 ≥^.^≤ 【新部落格】

哈洛fellow reader!#哎?怎么会有英语字?:P

这会是我第一次的华文帖子,我之前没写过华文的帖子,满都是英语…因为我的华语没那么好。华语分数都是“nyawa-nyawa ikan”…

就这接进入主题吧!》》 【新的部落客】
  有一天,我决定要更换我的日记去部落客,可以跟reader分享生活中所发生的特别的事不管是喜悦的,忧伤的,都在这儿分享。^^ 我也会在这儿分享我的创建物。
  希望这短短的帖子会在你的脸上留下一个笑容。 :)