Saturday, 25 August 2012

Claire's Dream

It's Claire's dream to be an artist. But she is too poor to afford any canvas and painting kit. She only have chance to draw with pencil on piece of paper. She loves going to the art museum to embrace each drawing drew by her favorite artist, Felle Morchial. Claire only worked as a receptionist of a hotel to raise her poor family.

One day, Felle Morchial was invited for an art exhibition in the hotel Claire worked. Claire was drawing a sky view when Felle Morchial arrived in that hotel. When Felle called Claire for help, Claire was shocked and the drawing accidentally fell to the ground. Felle was impressed with the drawing Claire made.

In the night on the exhibition, lots of Felle's collection of her drawing is displayed. It's the highlight of the exhibition, Felle gave some speech and, she also introduced the drawing Claire made. Although it is only sized A4, lot of people bidded to buy the drawing. The won price is as high as she could buy a new set of drawing including the canvas and new life of her family and her. Claire is very happy, she decided to share the half with Felle, but Felle refused and says that the funds deserved to be Claire's.

Felle is amazed with Claire's talents, she taught Claire drawing. Soon, Claire became famous artist. She is very grateful to meet such kind person like Felle.

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