Saturday, 11 August 2012

Introduction about me ^.^

This will be my first ever post on my first blog about me... 
  I am Weendy Loo, but I always hoped to have a longer English name, so I gave myself another name, "Weendyanna Glaire". I was born on 6th of July, 2000 in Sandakan, Sabah. I studied in SJK(C)Chi Hwa, and this is my last year here. So I would appreciate every moment I spent here...
  Since I was little, I aspire to be a novelist, writer and lawyer. So I choose Malay, English and Chinese as my favorite subjects. I also learnt some foreign language. By now, I used to speak and learn ten different languages. Although non of them I mastered.
  And I started writing some stories to constructive use of leisure time. I also wrote some Malay poetry and poem to improve my writing skills. I also liked to read novels in my spare time. But my mom denied me to borrow or buy any novels during exams, especially near the final like this year. But my hand could not resist to borrow a few short novels. I used to read them when I felt alone and lonely. Surfing net is also one of my hobby. By surfing some information-filled site, I can earn more knowledge. But some advises told that not all information on the net is true, some of them were hoax, so I'd have to beware of the page I surfed.
  What I hate the most is when people nicknamed me based on my appreance, but I ignored them, because they can't and wouldn't change the way I am. I don't want being beautiful if I had to change the way I am, I also don't want being cool if I had to change my style. I love they way I was, and NO ONE can change this fact.
  Talking about wishes, I just hoped for peace on my family. And I also hoped that me and my family was away from any danger and diseases. Lastly, I hope those animals and beggars which have no shelter to refuge can have a society for them to live in.
  I will post more about myself in my future adventure posts, stay tuned!

Warm regards...

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