Saturday, 11 August 2012

Revenge of a puppy (humor)

In a Puppy Elementary School, a puppy named Glitz studied in it. Glitz's class was located near a vegetables garden. Every time Glitz is hungry, he will secretly go there and steal some vegetables.

Everyday, the vegetable is worsely decrease, this cause the teachers and headmaster to become worrier, they afraid just if the land of the vegetable is once is graveyard, and the spirit want to revenge by giving a slight warn.

After a few hours of studying, the bell of recess had rung. The hungry Glitz quickly ran to the vegetables garden and steal some vegetable. While Glitz bitting the carrot, Glitz's teacher saw Glitz and scolded Glitz,
"Why are you stealing these vegetable? We are very worried that we though it's the spirit who steals these."

"I am very hungry," said Glitz innocently "and my spirit is doing revenge to you for me, for talking craps in class in such long time!"


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